Basement at Big Nose Kate's

Buford House Ectoplasm.

Boot Hill from another camera.

Boot Hill Cemetery

TiThis was taken downstairs at The Bird Cage Theatre in their storage area. We were very surprised to see the shadow as well as the two faces in the mist. There was no mist in the building.
TitWe decided to go to the Occidental Theatre (former undertakers building) for their night haunt. The said that there was a little boy who would talk to them through a EVP session. Looks like we caught  him forming on camera.


Historical Budford House once was a bed and breakfast where quest refused to leave. Very active place in and out.


This was taken in our hotel room by my phone camera. Our meters kept going off, I was very surprised to see her in the upper left hand corner.



This‚ÄčThis picture was taken inside the mine in Tombstone. They say it is not haunted but if you blow up the picture you can see faces in the orbs
TitIn  This picture you can see that the cowboy is not there anymore but do you see the faces in the window?
This picture was taken by Mable around midnight. A shadow of a cowboy is leaning on the wall, looks like he has his arms folded.tle


BirdBird cage Theatre 

This picture was taken at the Bird Cage Theatre by Pal. In the picture there is only one real person there who has her back to us. The chair, the cowboy and lady of the night could not be seen with the eye.


Our team went to Tombstone and we stayed at the Budget Tombstone Inn for two nights. During our stay we had a lot of activity in our rooms with the K2 meters going off. We walked around Tombstone at night when the streets were empty. We visited some of the places that are said to be haunted. We were not disappointed. Here is some of our pictures