Our son Alex is just like me when it comes to spirits. They love his light. You can tell from his face he feels it and you can see it is right behind him in a mist. That is Maria to the right and our  daughter Krystal on the left.

In this picture we believe this was the nurse who took care of the wounded soldiers. This picture made the Green Valley Suns paper and a copy of the paper is at the Octagon Hall.  

Bear set up the flashlight and it kept going on and off on demand as well as on it's own.

We had the pleasure of meeting Maria, Bear and Jimmy at the Octagon Hall. The hall is so beautiful and very active. Maria, Bear and Jimmy treated us with love and kindness and told us of the spirits who reside there. I can tell you we were not disappointed in any way and if you have a change to go I suggest you do. Love this place and will go back.

These to pictures is a picture I took looking down stairs. Frist one is the original and the second one is zoomed in. We believe it is the slave they called momma who took care of the kids and did the cooking. She was also blamed for Mary Elizabeth death who was the young girl who lived there. 

As you can see this is why I was freezing

Playing ball with Mary Elizabeth.

Even though it was June the spirits stayed close to me and made me cold so I went out to get my jacket. Paul took this when I was going back in. As you can see there is a very nice soldier helping me up the stairs and a few other spirits as well.

I believe in this one we caught the dark energy