Photos of Helvetia investigation

An apparition caught forming in the tree. Caught by two cams. Alex took this shot because he thought he saw a boy in the tree. It was in this spot we caught EVP's of a little boy saying Oh yeah and shut up. 
Photo 3

  The Ghost town named Helvetia was started dueto the rich copper and silver deposits in the rolling hills of the Santa Rita Mountains, overlooking the Santa Cruz river valley, south east of Tucson, Arizona.  

    The first smelter was completed in 1882 but depression of copper prices and poor management caused the area to become dormant until about 1890 when a second boom period began. By 1898, twenty-seven claims were owned by one Company known as Helvetia Copper Group.

       Helvetia included several permanent company buildings and an line of tents to house workers. Two Tucson stage lines carried passengers to and from Helvetia. In 12 years the settlement became Pima County's largest and most important mining camp. In 1890-1900 about 350 men were employed and about 550 to 650 people made up the Helvetia camp described as a collection of tents and adobe and grass shanties. There were four saloons, a Chinese laundry, a barbershop, a meat market a post office and a school house. The school became Pima County's largest school districts with 101 kids enrolled. Business continued until 1911 when the low price of copper forced the mines to close and the machinery was sold. Sometime between 1912 to 1914 the school was shut down for good.

          Mining activity started up again briefly during the World War 1. After 1920, the claims became virtually idle.

           Helvetia was taken over by hippies in the 1960's. When the company that owned the property couldn't get them to leave, the old structures were bulldozed down.

          Now all that is left is few adobe walls, a few ranches, Helvetia Cemetery and this forgotten cemetery, which we are here to investigate.


Helvetia  Arizona An Old Mining Town From 1875-1920

What is a investigation without orbs?  There appears to be a face in the bush.
Photo 2
A black misty shadow in photo 1, moving in photo 2, gone in photo 3.

The pic on the left caught a figure with a horn. The pic to the right is the figure blown up. I put this on a paranormal web site and they all said that it is a demon guarding the cemetery.

May the spirits Of Helvetia be always on our side. 12/14/2013

TA moving orb or a vortex caught on static cam.
Photo 1

Back to backs photo's caught it moving.