In these three set of pictures Paul caught a round orb by David Oman, the man standing by the lady in strips. The orb has moved in every picture.
​In these series f pictures, if you look on the right side buy the plant pot you will see a moving orb. This moving orb is in a different place in each picture.

First glance at this one and you would say that my hand and arm was moving but take a closer look. This is a spirit trying to get my attention.

To the right above the fireplace on the picture and frame you will see a apparition trying to form.
​This is a picture of the gate that separates the road to the house that Sharon Tate lived in.  First picture has been blown up.

David Oman's "House at the end of the Drive"

Paul and I had the pleasure to meet David Oman and be a guess at his house on the 45 year anniversary of the Manson murders of SHARON TATE, ABIGAIL FOLGER, STEVEN PARENT, JAY SEBRING and WOJCIECH FRYKOWSKI. Lets not forget Sharon Tate's unborn baby boy on Aug. 9th 1969. You will never be forgotten.

​Paul and I arrived and waited for a ride from where we parked to David Oman's house. David Oman picked up us himself. We really didn't know to expect after watching Ghost Adventures. David and the house were so full of love, we caught some great evidence and really hope to go back and get to know David. Thank you David Oman for your kindness and love you showed us.