This is the picture dad sent me from his cell phone. The second is the same pic but enhanced so see better. Dad was sitting in his chair looking at Fanny who is at the card table. Her dog started barking so she turned around to see what her dog was barking about. The man standing behind Fanny was not seen with naked eyes. Title

Night Stockers Investigation

               Dad's Ghost Newburgh Indiana

          My dad who lives in Newburgh Indiana with my mom to be called me up and told me that there were spirits in the apartments. I asked him if the were bothering anything and at that time they were not.  Later on Dad started telling me about how he would be in the kitchen and things would fly at him from across the kitchen and land on the floor by his feet.  As a little time went on Dad started telling me that they could no longer sit at the dinning room table. He told me that food would go flying off the table or that a hard thump that they could feel and hear would startle them. They went out and bought a card table.He then tells me that they are hearing footsteps walking down the hall and seeing shadows. All of this was making me sick and I knew it could not wait for me to get there this summer so I told dad I was going to find a investigator that would help them. Maria from the Night Stockers in Bowing Greens Kentucky answered my prayers. As dad was waiting for them to come he called me in a frantic saying Fanny got pushed so hard out of the kitchen she went flying into him and he almost feel keeping her from falling. I asked dad to take some pictures and what came out on them were very disturbing to me so I sent them to Maria and they upped the date for the investigation to help. Below is the photo that dad took and photos that the Night Stocker's caught plus the EVP's They did a good job and I am so thankful for them. Thank you and love you Maria and the NIght Stockers.

Tombstone Arizona, Bird Cage Theater  


This room once belonged to a lady of the night. It is right across from the poker tables. As the story goes, one night a very jealous wife of a cowboy came to tell warn the Lady of the Night to stop seeing her husband with a gun on her to show she meant business.  She was very shocked to find her husband and the lady of the night doing their thing. The wife of the cowboy pulled out her gun and shot both her husband and the lady of the night. Both were dead from the bullets. We believe that the shadow figure in this room is the cowboy, first photo. we also believe that we caught the lady of the night reflection in the mirror of the second photo. Hoping to go back and do a full investigation someday. 


This picture was taken at Boonville Indiana Old Court House where they would hang people from the hanging tree. It is said that every night at midnight you can see the rope flying across the sky to the hanging tree. The hanging tree was destroyed by a storm three weeks before we where able to go there but we did catch this person praying.