Colossal Cave is a very beautiful and fascinating cave located in Vail Arizona, ease of Tucson. We decided to do a investigation at Colossal Cave due to it's history and legends. We were not disappointed. The history of the cave was the home of the Hohokam's and Apache Indians. Then the hide out place of three robbers who robed a train and hid in the cave. They say that there is money still hidden in the cave. The cave is full of countless connecting room with rock formations of waterfalls, people, animals and elves. This cave is know for the Lady in White who has been see going in and out of the cave. One of the legends is a Indian maiden was chased by a bear and feel 12 feet to her death breaking her pelvic. They say that they can hear her screams. Justin and I were lucky enough to hear her screams twice but never recorded on our recorders. Later on Justin and Mady heard her screams and again it did not show up on the recorder.  In 1922 a man named Frank (Pop) Schmidt filed to mining claims to the cave.  About a year later he started giving tours using rope and leading them through unimproved passageways. He then gave the cave back to Arizona and became a tour guide until the age of 84. Frank made the cave what it is today and they say that his spirit is still in the cave helping with tours. We found this to be true. In the Early 1900 a hotel was built down below the cave. This hotel burnt down so the owner rebuilt it and it burnt down again after his daughter knocked over a kerosene lamp and killed her in the fire. Another spirit that is said to be hanging around is Joe the caretaker of the cave. His footsteps are heard walking up and down the stairs and the door opening and closing to the office. These are the results we got from our investigation.  

Colossal Cave Investigation