Photo on the left was caught as we were praying over the house. This photo seems to be a young teen.

Photo on the right is of another girl.

  Little man with a hat and bow tie

This is a man hiding. I know that it is kind of blurry but he is there.

 Caught this thing and still don't know what it is. All I can say is that evil comes in many shapes and sizes. I have shown this to many people on face book in a paranormal page and they all agree this is evil. le


Girl looking in bathroom window
 man holding camera 

The first place that we investigated was in Southern Az. This investigation was actually an accident. We did not go out to seek spirits, we were helping out a friend after a fire.  At this time, all we had was a regular camera.  I can not reveal the location to protect the people who lived there and the owner of the house; I gave them my word. We spent several weeks investigating this place because it was very powerful with paranormal activity. This place haunted my dreams. After a few times investigating this place, I called on an investigator in to help me. He told me that after the investigation, a spirit followed him home and turned his world upside down. I really felt bad for him. All I can say is this place was evil. There was a certain area at the house where my son and I doubled over with stomach pains and it stayed that way until we moved away from that spot. On two different times I was scratched, It burned so bad for hours. When I first started catching paranormal images I kept going back so I could debunk them. Some I was able to debunk, but  many I could not. The house is the reason I feel a strong need to do further investigations after seeing, feeling, and catching all I did.This house has since been tore down so I will never know why this place was so active. These are a few photos I caught of the paranormal investigation. Now since the house is no longer standing, may the spirits rest in peace.    

Investigation 1   A home in Southern Arizona
Image of a child.
 A man in window  
A man walking away from me

A ghost caught outside
This is a man with a Mohawk.

Our goal is to further seek and research to get a better understanding about the paranormal activity that we have already found, as well as what we hope to find as we investigate homes and business. We investigate with a wide range of tools including, K 2 meters, mel. meters, spirit box, laser grids, voice recorders,  full spectrum and infrared cameras, infrared video voice cameras and rods if needed. If you feel you have a paranormal problem, we are here to help. . .   Contact us at  Join us as we travel through the spirit world.

We are a family of paranormal Investigators. My son and I have investigated on and off for over three years. We have also worked with a cemetery research project using rods to locate, and restore graves at old cemeteries.

Very lucky to have caught this Vortex.
This girl looks very angry

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What caught my eye was the cross. After several times of investigating I had never seen the cross. I went back during the day time to find the cross but the cross could not be found. as far as the faces go, matrixing, not sure you decide.

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